Steps to produce a php extension so you can use the iconv() function in PHP


#0.1 Do a find and replace for /usr/local/phpdave7 and switch it to your base installation path of php for example /usr/local/zendsvr
#0.2 Do a find and replace for /QOpenSys/litmis/ibmichroot/ and switch it to the directory where shr4.o or shr.o is. Run `find / -name shr4.o` if you need to locate this file.
#0.3 Do a find and replace for /usr/linux and switch it to the directory where your bin/iconv and lib/libiconv are located possibly /opt/freeware
#1.0 find your PHP Version
php -v
>PHP 5.6.7 (cli) (built: Apr 2 2015 15:32:22)
#2 get latest iconv php extension which is included in the php-src
git clone -b PHP-5.6.7
#3 If you dont have libiconv.a, Get libiconv from perzl and then fix it
rpm –ignoreos –ignorearch –nodeps –replacepkgs –oldpackage -hUv libiconv-1.14-3.aix5.1.ppc.rpm
#4 tonys code on fixing libiconv
ar -x /QOpenSys/usr/lib/libiconv.a
# Argh Matie, we be needin' to make a ugly baby to fool the IFS Kraken
cp /opt/freeware/lib/libiconv.a /opt/freeware/lib/libiconv-lady-in-waiting.a
#ar -rv /opt/freeware/lib/libiconv-lady-in-waiting.a shr4.o
ar -rv /opt/freeware/lib/libiconv-lady-in-waiting.a /QOpenSys/litmis/ibmichroot/shr4.o
#ar -rv /opt/freeware/lib/libiconv-lady-in-waiting.a shr.o
ar -rv /opt/freeware/lib/libiconv-lady-in-waiting.a /QOpenSys/litmis/ibmichroot/shr.o
rm /opt/freeware/lib/libiconv.a
cp /opt/freeware/lib/libiconv-lady-in-waiting.a /opt/freeware/lib/libiconv.a
#5 change directory to where php-src was downloaded and go to the iconv extension directory
cd php-src/ext/iconv
#6 make a copy of our current extension (so you can revert back if needed)
cp /usr/local/zendsvr/lib/php_extensions/ /usr/local/zendsvr/lib/php_extensions/
#7 setup environment variables for configure and make
export IBM_DB_HOME=/usr
export PHP_HOME=/usr/local/phpdave7
export PASE_TOOLS_HOME=/QOpenSys/usr
export AIX_TOOLS_HOME=/usr/local
export CC=gcc
export CFLAGS="-DPASE -I=.:$PHP_HOME/php/include"
export CCHOST=powerpc-ibm-aix6.1.0.0
#8 check the gcc version
gcc -v
Target: powerpc-ibm-aix6.1.0.0 … used in CCHOST above
#9 compile php extension by running (change –with-iconv to the base folder with iconv):
#phpize, configure, gmake, gmake test, and gmake install
phpize && ./configure –build=$CCHOST –host=$CCHOST –target=$CCHOST –cache-file=../config.cache –with-iconv=/usr/linux && gmake && gmake test && gmake install
#"gmake install"s it to /usr/local/phpdave7/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20160303/
#10 -d will force temporary loading the extension (add to permenantly always load it) –ri display the configuration of an extension
php –ri iconv
#11 check what php extension modules are loaded
php -m
#12 edit php.ini to tell PHP to load iconv php extension by adding
echo "" >> /usr/local/lib/php.ini
#view compiled extension
ls /usr/local/phpdave7/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-zts-20160303
#if you have two libiconv.a you'll have to fix that or the libpath might cause issues
#common symbolic links
#ln -sf /QOpenSys/opt/freeware/bin /usr/local/bin
#ln -sf /QOpenSys/opt/freeware/lib /usr/local/lib
#Rather not create hard links try and figure alternative
export PATH=/opt/freeware/bin:$PATH
#Had to remove LIBPATH w/ $PASE_TOOLS_HOME because it was using the wrong libiconv
#export LIBPATH=/usr/local/phpdave7/lib:/usr/local/lib
#php -v
#Could not load program php:
# Dependent module /QOpenSys/usr/lib/libiconv.a( could not be loaded.
# Member is not found in archive
##had to create symlink to glink.o which was missing when i started compiling
#ln -s /QOpenSys/usr/lib/glink.o /usr/lib/glink.o
#note depending on how PHP is configured on your system their will be either be a debug build or Zend Thread Safety (ZTS) builds of the extension
#$PREFIX/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-API_NO for release builds without ZTS
#$PREFIX/lib/php/extensions/debug-non-zts-API_NO for debug builds without ZTS
#$PREFIX/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-zts-API_NO for release builds with ZTS
#$PREFIX/lib/php/extensions/debug-zts-API_NO for debug builds with ZTS
[usrcis42@SPACES]~% ls -l /usr/linux
total 192
drwx—— 2 usrcis42 0 57344 Jun 6 22:06 bin
drwx—— 2 usrcis42 0 8192 Apr 15 12:57 include
drwx—— 2 usrcis42 0 24576 Apr 15 12:58 lib
drwx—— 2 usrcis42 0 8192 Apr 15 12:58 lib64
[usrcis42@SPACES]~% ls -l /usr/linux/bin/iconv
lrwxrwxrwx 1 usrcis42 0 62 Apr 15 12:57 /usr/linux/bin/iconv –
> ../../../opt/freeware/bin/iconv
[usrcis42@SPACES]~% ls -l /usr/linux/lib/libiconv.a
lrwxrwxrwx 1 usrcis42 0 72 Apr 15 12:57 /usr/linux/lib/libicon
v.a –> ../../../opt/freeware/lib/libiconv.a