Here’s what’s cooking in the OSS world of IBM i.

Relic Package Manager for RPG

The Relic Package Manager for RPG is being worked on at by Liam. He’s planning to have a website similar to for RPG packages. Please get the word out about the Relic package manager as its only useful if people are collaborating and using it to share their code like others are in the OSS world. There’s documentation on it at

We’re two groups the IBM i OSS in ILE, and OSS in IBM i PASE/AIX

The ILE group are RPG / CL / Cobol etc… programmers who want to dive into sharing their code like the rest of languages do (PHP, Ruby, Python on github).  The PASE/AIX group are programmers versed in Linux like environments who want OSS tools written in C/C++ for unix systems and we want these tools on our IBM i.  Michael Perzl has a lot of these tools compiled and for use at , but we can’t rely on one man to compile all these tools so there’s developers who are looking into using GCC compiler to compile their own OSS programs from source on IBM i AIX/PASE.  Which requires much knowledge of the PowerPC, GCC compiler, AIX, RPM,etc…

Aggregating IBMiOSS content and finding this information

People are wondering how best to get and aggregate content. Might be time to brush up on your google searching skills or get active in Ryver or the gitter channel . Which offer daily asynchronous chat and conversations. I recommended content be aggregated in blogs, as I’ve found Alan Seiden and Chris Hird’s blogs to be very helpful in the past.

Compiling PHP 7 on IBM i from source

I’ve created an article on how to compile PHP 7 on I.  I have to thank the many people on  the Gitter channel that helped me accomplish this.  You can find out how to compile PHP 7 on i  here:

Inviting people who are brand new to IBM i OSS

People need to be educated in this new world of Git and OSS. A Git/OSS 101 class for people who are brand new to the concepts.  For learning Git this website was recommended . I recommended Maybe someone should do a intro to contributing to Open Source RPG at Common next year? Intro to Github, Intro to Relic, etc…

Watch-out for Liam’s YouTube series on setting up Git on their IBM i!