The odbc connection is connecting to the IBMi (formerly known as iSeries, As400) and pulling back “physical files”/”table names”, but not pulling back column names.  The errors from UPS World Ship were “The selected import/export map is no longer valid because the column names in the external database have changed.”  “Import data source not valid.”

Ways to try and resolve this issue

  1. Install the latest IBM i Access v7.1 windows client to get the latest ODBC driver.
  2. Install the latest service pack for IBM i Access (SI55797_64a.exe at the time of this writing)
  3. Delete QGPL/QZDAPKG
  4. RCLDBXREF OPTION(*CHECK) if there is a problem try RCLDBXREF OPTION(*FIX). If that doesn’t work try RCLSTG SELECT(*DBXREF) when the system can be put into a restricted state and the system can be down for a bit.