You might run into this mutually exclusive thinking that you need IBMi ACS WAP and IBMi Access for Windows 7.1.

The latest IBMi tools do not have Run SQL or visual explain built into them.  When installing the IBMi ACS Windows Application package you’ll find out that they tell you to uninstall IBM i Access for Windows (5770XE1) product, which will remove your System i Navigator and your ability to do “Run SQL”. “Run SQL” is not built into the web client IBM Navigator for i (https://myibmi:2005/ibm/console/) or IBM i Access Client Solutions or the IBM i Access Client Solutions – Windows Application Package.

So what do you?  I don’t know.  I guess I’ll uninstall IBMi – ACS – WAP, install IBM i Access for Windows 7.1  and wait until they put that developer critical piece back in.

There’s IBMi specific functionality built into “Run SQL” like running CL statements (via “CL: <CL COMMAND>”) and dynamic compound SQL (which is not valid in a jdbc connection), and a host of other awesome features….  You can copy and paste a DB script into there and run multiple lines of SQL…

This surprises me because IBM has been pushing for SQL development in the sessions i attended at the COMMONUG…   Run SQL was the easiest way to test your SQL code before adding it to your application.