Sick of Zend Studio and Eclipse?   Do you think “Zend Studio for IBM i” sucks?  I was sick of it and found the Netbeans IDE and found its a great alternative to the Clunky Zend Studio mess.

What can Netbeans do?  Everything all in one!

PHP IDE – Code Highlighting, Auto completing etc…

IBMi DB2 Database access via the JTOpen

Source Control via SVN or GIT

Debugging via xdebug

FTP your files to the I5 after saving the file locally

to name a few features i was looking for in the Zend Studio for i, here’s what else it can do.

Get Started

Download Netbeans
Here’s the download link for Netbeans IDE.

SVN Setup
Learn how to setup subversion in Netbeans from their online tutorial.

Connecting to the AS400 / I5 / IBMi to run SQL from the IDE
To set up the database connection to the I5 you’ll need to download JTOPEN then go to the services tab (click ctrl+5 when in Netbeans), right click drivers, and click new drivers, click add and find the jt400.jar file from the JTOPEN download folder

After the driver is set up, right click it and click “connect using”, set the driver to JTOpen400 fill in the username and password and set the  url to jdbc:as400://as400servername/libraryname

Auto-FTP of files
Go over the tutorial on to setup a remote project so that your files are automatically FTP’d to your I5.

Alternative to System i Navigator

Why not use the System I Navigator?  Well I find it annoying the number of things I have to click before I can finally run a sql query.  Also I like having 1 application to do everything.  There are some times where I run a script in System i Navigator’s “Run SQL” window because it supports CL commands via “CL: <CL Command here>