Steps to setup a NFS Export on I5 (as400/iseries/ibmi)

  1. Grant permissions on the directory to QNFSANON
  2. Open iSeries Navigator and Go to ServerName, Network, Servers, TCP/IP, right clicked NFS, select exports and added the directory and select QNFSANON as the Anonymous user, and selected “Add to list of permanently defined exports”.

These steps will allow the folder to be accessible to the webserver.

To learn how to do an NFS mount on your linux box, you’ll want to check out

NFS stands for Network File System.  A NFS export is used to share a IBMi IFS directory of the server with client servers that mount that directory.  You will have to setup permissions on that IFS directory on the Host machine so that the NFS Export can be mounted by a client machine, and you’ll have to setup permissions on the client server to make sure the correct users on the client server have access to the directory.  On the client server you mount the directory by

1) Type of file system NFS
2) The remote server and directory to mount MYAS400:/exports/mynfsexport
3) The local directory to mount over. /mount/as400export

Example linux command to mount as400 NFS to linux server

mount -o tcp /mount/as400export