Session 1 –

Application Recovery and Other Tricks: Thinking Outside the Developer’sToolBox

– Talked about creating a CL command to copy production data to development for test data.






– Created a PJ prestart job under a subsystem and it can’t be killed.  Because you sometimes don’t want your users to be able to kill a job.  Theres an endpj command that you can use to stop it from continue to spawn a new job.

ADDPJE will create a Prestart Job
STRPJ starts a pj
ENDPJ ends a pj

In V6R1 you can Create a PDF instead of a spool file TOSTMF(‘pdffilelocation/mylog.pdf’)

Session 2 – Web Services with PHP and IBM i

Public web services:

document conversions, search results from the web, databases, geolocators, stock quotes, weather data.

Private web services

between customers and vendors and service providers

Sometimes in organizations have different departments using different databases, but the departments need to share the information.  Accounting won’t use the client service database they will only use their own and vice versa.  But sometimes they need to send data to each other.  Web services allow you to share the information and could be used to sync the data between the two databases.




handle() <- outputs the WSDL file.

Zend_Soap_server($wsdl,$options) starts up a web service

Zend_Service_Yahoo lets you do local searches from yahoo

LiveDocx webservice allows you to create microsoft document mail merge.

Main philosophies for webservices

1. REST: Representational State Transfer

2. SOAP: Simple Object Access Protocol

WSDL – describes a webservice.  Functions available, input parameters required

PHP has a SoapClient.

PHP caches soap files in php.ini look at the soap section.  soap.wsdl_cache_dir is set to ‘/tmp’

Use Firebug and Firephp to output debug info of the soap errors